The Hottie Bottie is a soft fleece neckwrap that fits securely around your neck, keeping in your bodies natural heat. An air activated warming pad can be added for maximum heat and is recommended for winter spectator sporting events. Great for football games, skiing or any outdoor activity, the Hottie Bottie is also great to have on hand to put on in cold movie theatres or restaurants ! Less cumbersome than a scarf, it can be rolled into a 4" x 2" package and kept in the glove compartment or a
purse, ready to pull out and fight the chill
in the coldest of conditions!

Each Hottie Bottie is shipped with 1 air activated heat
pack. Simply open the package and insert the heat pack into the pocket of the Hottie Bottie and wrap it securely around your neck. Make sure the pocket is in the back, at the base of your spine so that the heat radiated down the spinal column, heating up your whole body!

  • made of soft fleece
  • easy to pack and carry
  • heat pack lasts 12 hours
  • go hands free,
keeping credit cards, and drivers license
in the specially designed pocket
  • select from a variety of spirit colors
  • never be cold again!